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Nov 5 2020

Pret manchester

Pret manchester

#Pret #manchester

Pret manchester


Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City Manchester Takeaway Menu

Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City Manchester Takeaway Menu

Thanks for stopping by the home of thousands of popular takeaways, bringing you the menu, contact details, and the ability to place a quick and easy online order with our partner Deliveroo. If you’re looking for Breakfast takeaway then you can’t go wrong with Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City. Simply click the button below to see the latest menu.

Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City Address

C, Orange Building, Media City, Manchester, M502HE

Ordering from Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City Manchester couldn’t be easier, with the new online ordering and delivery service offered by Deliveroo. Simply click through to view the menu, where you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of dishes offered by Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City, and once you’re ready simply place your order online and wait for Deliveroo to knock on your door, it’s that simple.

Sample Menu for Manchester


Scottish Smoked Salmon Granary Scottish smoked salmon, lemon juice, black pepper and a little butter on our granary bread – £3.59 Wild Crayfish & Rocket Granary Crayfish, rocket, mayo and lemon juice on granary bread – £3.69 Free-Range Egg Mayo Granary Free-range egg mayonnaise, cracked black pepper, celery salt and mustard cress on granary bread – £1.75 Classic Super Club Granary British chicken, beech-smoked bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and seasoning on our granary bread – £3.35 Chicken & Avocado Granary British chicken, avocado, basil leaves, salad leaves and yoghurt dressing on granary bread – £3.49 Pole & Line Caught Tuna & Rocket Tuna mayo, spring onions, chopped capers, a touch of anchovy paste, lemon, cucumber and rocket on granary bread – £2.65

Chicken Caesar & Bacon Baguette Slices of chicken, caesar mayo, rocket leaves, mature Italian cheese and crispy bacon in a stone baked baguette – £3.85 Posh Cheddar & Pret Pickle Baguette Cheddar cheese, Pret pickle, Mediterranean roasted tomatoes, red onion, mustard cress and mayo in a stone baked baguette – £3.45 Pole & Line Caught Tuna Mayo & Cucumber Baguette Tuna mayo, spring onion, capers and cucumber in a stone baked baguette – £2.99 Wiltshire-Cured Ham & Greve Cheese Baguette A baguette filled with Wiltshire-cured ham, Greve cheese, mixed salad and mustard mayo – £3.15 Italian Prosciutto Baguette Prosciutto, sliced tomato, shavings of Italian matured cheese, free-range mayo and fresh basil in a stone baked baguette – £3.85

Avocado & Herb Salad Wrap Sliced avocado, Greek yoghurt, cucumber, tomato, shaved Italian cheese, toasted pine nuts, baby spinach and basil in a kibbled rye tortilla wrap – £3.15 Hoisin Duck Wrap Shredded roast duck, rich hoisin sauce, sliced cucumber, red onion, baby leaf spinach and mayonnaise in a tortilla wrap – £3.50

Salads & Sushi

Tuna Nicoise Salad Tuna and sliced free-range egg with baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and a wedge of lemon on a bed of salad. Served with a separate pot of Dijon dressing – £3.99 Chef’s Italian Chicken Salad Caesar dressed chicken with roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, toasted pistachios, plum tomatoes, cucumber and Italian mature cheese on a bed of salad leaves, served with a separate pot of Dijon dressing – £4.50 Wild Crayfish & Avocado No Bread Wild crayfish and sliced avocado on a bed of salad leaves, served with a separate pot of French dressing – £4.75 Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Salad Roast salmon fillet served with edamame beans, wakame seaweed, pickled cabbage and carrot salad, gingery sushi rice and fiery red chillies, served with a separate pot of teriyaki dressing – £4.85

Pret Snacks

Prets’ Posh Trail Mix Coconut chips, whole almonds and dark chocolate coated cranberries – £1.20 Tamari Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin seeds coated in tamari soy sauce – £1.20 Rock Salt Popcorn – £0.99 Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Crisps Hand cooked potato crisps (with the skin on for extra flavour) seasoned with mature Cheddar and red onion – £0.99 Sea Salt & Organic Cider Vinegar Crisps Hand cooked potato crisps (with the skin on for extra flavour) seasoned with sea salt and cider vinegar – £0.99 Sea Salt Crisps Hand cooked potato crisps (with the skin on for extra flavour) seasoned with Maldon sea salt – £0.99 Sweet & Salt Popcorn – £0.99 Cranberries in Coats Cranberries with a yoghurt coating – £1.20 Pret A Mango Dried mango pieces – £1.20 Vegetable Crisps Thinly sliced carrot, beetroot and parsnip fried until crispy – £0.99 Crisped Kale Kale crisps with rosemary and cold pressed olive oil – £1.50

Sweet Treats

Carrot Cake Carrot cake topped with cream cheese – £1.65 Banana Cake Banana cake slice with cream cheese icing – £1.65 Pret Brownie Indulgent dark chocolate brownie – £1.55 Pret Bar Apple, Apricot, Cranberry, Sultanas, Coconut, Pumpkin Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Oats, Golden Syrup and honey – £1.55 Love Bar Almonds, pistachios, vanilla pumpkin seeds and caramel on a flapjack base – £1.55 Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt – £0.99 Popcorn Bar Popcorn, white chocolate, caramel, gluten free puffed rice and milk chocolate – £1.55

Red Apple – £0.60 Banana – £0.50 Mango & Lime Chunks of mango with a wedge of lime – £2.25 Fruit Salad Chunks of pineapple, orange flesh melon, mango, pink apples, kiwis and whole blueberries – £2.79

Cold Drinks

Pure Pret Still Cranberry & Raspberry Still cranberry and raspberry flavoured juice drink – £1.65 Pure Pret Still Orange and Passionfruit Still orange and passion fruit flavoured juice drink – £1.65 Pure Pret Still Lemon & Ginger Still lemon and ginger flavoured juice drink – £1.65 Pure Pret Still Green Tea & Peach Still green tea and peach flavoured juice drink – £1.65 Coke Can Regular – £0.99 Diet Coke – £0.99 Coke Zero – £0.99 Sparkling Water 500ml – £0.99 Pure Pret – Apple Sparkling water mixed with apple juice and a little grape juice – £0.99 Pure Pret – Grape & Elderflower Sparkling water with grape juice, elderflower, lemon juice and apple – £0.99 Pure Pret – Ginger Beer Sparkling water mixed with natural ginger extracts – £0.99 Pure Pret – Yoga Bunny Sparkling water with natural herbal infusions of Echinacea and Ginseng – £0.99 Pure Still Water 500ml – £0.99 Pure Coconut Water 100% Natural Coconut Water – £2.79 Apple Juice – £1.70 Orange Juice – £1.70 Mango Smoothie Mangoes, bananas and passion fruit – £2.15 Vitamin Volcano Blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries and strawberries blended with banana and apple juice – £2.15 Green Goodness Refreshing apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, lime and ginger juice – £3.49 Beet Beautiful Beetroot juice with apple, carrot and ginger – £3.49 Daily Greens Apple, cucumber, romaine lettuce, spinach and celery with ginger, lemon and parsley. – £3.69

For information regarding the allergen contents and nutritionals of all our products, please visit our website

Have you ever ordered from Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City Manchester? We want your thoughts. There are thousands of customers just like you, searching for takeaway on every day. So please share your experience, good or bad, to help future customers choose the right takeaway. Just add a comment on the section below.

Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City Manchester Telephone Number

Unfortunately we do not hold the telephone number for Pret A Manger _ÑÐ Media City, please use the “view menu” button at the top of this page to order online instead.



Pret manchester Pret manchester Pret manchester Pret manchester

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